Wanda Hamidah Called Stupid Insurance Agent

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Wanda Hamidah’s story about Prudential insurance is still ongoing. Reportedly Wanda Hamidah will meet with the insurance today but there is no news at all.

Meanwhile, Wanda Hamidah threatened to report insurance agents. This is because he suspects that there is a violation of the ITE Law.

“First gather the bullying agents… who say I’m in high school but stupid, can’t read the policy, can’t differentiate between insurance and savings, I’m slanderous, want to be sent to prison for defamation using the ITE Law… What else? What else? There’s still a little.. Come on, let’s bring it on,” he wrote on Instagram Stories.

Previously, Wanda Hamidah admitted that she did not get a satisfactory answer after complaining on social media.

“It’s like eating in a restaurant, I complain. They say, for example, which one is undercooked, let us see or make a new one. Sometimes we fix it, and give dessert. Please listen to my disappointment,” he told AFP.

“I’ve been to the agent to give me time, it’s not wrong, it’s just like this, you can talk to the center again. It’s been in the process for the last two months.”

To detikcom, Wanda Hamidah did say that her baby had not undergone surgery. This is because Wanda Hamidah does not have sufficient funds for it.

“Not yet operated on,” said Wanda Hamidah to detikcom.

The case of Wanda Hamidah versus the insurance company emerged after the outpouring of her heart on her Instagram account was revealed. He said the compensation given by the insurance to his son who immediately underwent knee surgery was very small.

“It should be fixed, my disappointment should be heard, I mean, I’m complaining, I’ve gone to the agent to give it time. I told him to try talking to the center again, it’s only like this,” said Wanda Hamidah.

Wanda Hamidah said that it was very regrettable for Prudential’s insurance company in this case.

“I regret the Prudential,” said Wanda Hamidah.

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