Ustaz Solmed and the Study Committee in Garut Finally Make Peace

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The feud between Ustaz Solmed and the study committee in Cisewu, Garut, West Java finally ended in peace. Ustaz Solmed accepted their apology.

Peace occurred at Ustaz Solmed’s residence in the Kebon Jeruk area, West Jakarta, Monday (11/10/2021). Suwarna, the broker for Ustaz Solmed’s lecture, and Tisna, the head of the recitation committee in Cisewu, came to April Jasmine’s husband’s house to apologize for what had happened.

“I personally apologize especially to Ustaz Solmed. There was only a misunderstanding in Cisewu Pangalengan, Bandung. There was no continuation because I remembered Ustaz Tisna was in Pangalengan, my misunderstanding was especially with Ustaz Solmed,” said Suwarna.

“I apologize to Ustaz Solmed and the Cisewu community of Muslims wherever they are. We apologize for mentioning Cisemu Pangalengan, Bandung. Hopefully, in the future there will be no demands whatsoever. We consider this finished,” he continued.

Tisna also said the same thing. He hoped that Ustaz Solmed would still come to his village to give lectures.

“I, Tisna, came all the way to Jakarta wanting peace soon. Therefore, I apologize to the residents of Cisewu, we feel confused. Therefore, I apologize, in the future Ustaz can treat the longing there,” said Tisna.

With grace, Ustaz Solmed accepted Tisna and Suwarna’s apology. He did not want this problem to be prolonged even to the court.

“After all, he is my brother, of course every brother is like one body complementing each other, there is no sense of hurting each other. Then the misunderstanding that he had raised caused this,” said Ustaz Solmed.

“I have to open my chest as wide as possible, maybe humans can make mistakes, I’m good we all forgive each other today, of course it’s sad for me. What do you want to be next? Losing becomes ashes, wins becomes charcoal, we’re both brothers, there’s no profit. good to finish, I as the host accept. Thank God, thanks for the good start to continue our missionary journey, we can be back in Cisewu, Garut,” he explained.

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