Ustaz Derry Sulaiman’s Princess Siri’s Marriage to a Caucasian Muslim

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Alyssa Spischak, daughter of Ustadz Derry Sulaiman, is now officially releasing her single life. He married Evert, an Estonian citizen at the age of 22. There is a long story behind Alyssa Spischak’s marriage to the Caucasian convert.

The first is about religion. Of course there are religious differences between Alyssa Spischak and Evert. Alyssa, who is of Indonesian-German descent, is Muslim, while Evert is not a Muslim. This difference in belief later became one of the most highlighted by Alyssa Spischak’s continued father, Ustadz Derry Sulaiman.

But fortunately the religious differences were later resolved. After a conversation with Ustadz Derry Sulaiman, Evert was finally convinced to embrace Islam. Evert’s converting process was also guided by Ustadz Derry Sulaiman.

“A few days ago he still didn’t know Allah, today he proudly says I am Muslim & I love Allah, takbir!! I wish you happy here and here after, amen,” wrote Derry Ustaz Sulaiman in the caption of several Instagram video reels last time.

“Pray for EVERT to be a good Muslim and to be a da’i and to be able to preach to people in his country Estonia (Northern Europe) HIDAYAH YAA ALLAAH!,” continued Ustadz Derry Sulaiman.

After Evert finally embraced Islam, Alyssa Spischak was faced with a second challenge, namely marriage. Actually Evert already had plans to marry Alyssa Spischak when he was 23 years old. However, Ustadz Derry Sulaiman advised the two to get married immediately with various considerations.

Evert did not immediately agree. Since he already has plans of his own.

“Actually, when I first went to Bali, Abi and Mama missed seeing each other. Then Abi said that you could marry in Islam and family. I said to Evert, ‘How do you want to marry in Islam right away?’ Evert said, ‘I don’t want to because I’m not ready. I plan to marry you at the age of 23 really from my heart,'” Alyssa Spischak told detikcom, Friday (16/7/2021).

Understanding her lover’s thoughts, Alyssa Spischak finally conveyed Evert’s refusal. However, after meeting Ustaz Derry Sulaiman, Evert actually converted to Islam and got married.

“I’m just afraid that if I force him he won’t be comfortable with me. I’m afraid he will leave. Finally, Abi forced him to go to Bali as soon as possible,” he said.

Their marriage is now legal in the eyes of religion. There is a reason why Evert wants to have a serial marriage first. One of them is the COVID-19 and PPKM constraints that make it impossible for Evert to bring his family from Estonia or fly there to make their wedding official.

While Evert himself wants to have an official event with his extended family. Things like this cannot be done suddenly. So that later they will plan an event and reception as well as the inauguration of the wedding when Alyssa Spischak turns 23 years old.

“If he gets married, he wants to have a family, it can’t be suddenly like that, after all, it’s still COVID and PPKM. So Abi understands, I’ve been waiting for PPKM to finish and take care of everything,” he continued.



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