This is what makes Koh Steven speak out about Az Zikra

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Steven Indra Wibowo, also commented on the chaotic misuse of Az Zikra’s funds which also dragged the name of Alvin Faiz. The founder of the Indonesian convert center, did not just interfere and had something to do with the late Ustaz Arifin Ilham.

When Alvin Faiz was excited to remarry, Steven Indra Wibowo’s comments were in the spotlight in the comments column uploaded by wedding photographers Alvin Faiz and Henny Rahman. The man who is familiarly called Koh Steven wrote that something had happened in the last 2 years that would shock everyone.

Contacted by, Wednesday (18/8/2021) Koh Steven told how he first met the late Ustaz Arifin Ilham. He also discussed that initially in Sentul, Bogor, Az Zikra was originally called the Gaddafi Center, with development funds from Libya.

Finally, in 2012 the Khadafi Center changed its name to Az Zikra.

“Over time I became good friends with Ustadz Arifin. We often discussed religion, hadith, the Koran, interpretation, about the people, converts, all kinds of things,” said Koh Steven.

“Finally, in 2019 he started to get sick, rather badly in 2018-2019 because in 2017 I met him he was still very healthy. 2019 started to get worse, finally I went to Penang and he was called by him,” he continued.

Meeting in Penang, Malaysia, Koh Steven got many stories from the late Ustaz Arifin Ilham. In between conversations, Ustaz Arifin Ilham gave a will in the form of a trust.

“In the end, at one point there were several things that were told but not for public consumption. Generally, they are guarding the dignity of Islam, accompanying converts. I asked, ‘How come you give tausiah?’ Tausiah is a will. ‘This is just a precaution’ (replied Ustaz Arifin Ilham). One of what he said, ‘Keep an eye on Az Zikra from afar. If someone is wrong, reprimand people, make corrections as much as you can,’ ” he recalled.

When the late Ustaz Arifin Ilham was still alive, Kok Steven used to immediately give news to the person concerned. When he is currently talking about the misuse of Az Zikra’s funds, Koh Steven denied that he also wanted to take care of Alvin Faiz’s personal problems.

Although Koh Steven received many direct messages from the Az Zikra congregation about Alvin Faiz’s behavior. This was confirmed to be Alvin Faiz’s personal matter.

“I can’t open it either, most of it is a disgrace. This is a disgrace I will cover, just as Allah covers our disgrace. But, if it is izzah and the marwah of Islam, it’s a different story. We as Muslims will be affected,” explained Koh Steven.

“I said, I don’t take care of it, it’s a personal matter. This is Az Zikra’s business. It’s true that the slander is too sharp. This is an abuse of funds and all kinds of things are handled. It’s not you (Alvin Faiz) making the declaration. his attitude is without evidence. Just saying, ‘I was slandered.’ However, there is no published evidence,” he said.

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