The Suffering of Nirina Zubir and the Family of the Land Mafia

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Nirina Zubir did not think that the unfortunate event related to his late mother’s property would have a long tail. Claiming to be a victim of the land mafia, the family of the Paranoia star suffered a loss of around Rp. 17 billion.

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The incident started when Nirina Zubir’s mother named Cut Indria Martini counted six of her land deeds missing. He also asked for help from a domestic assistant who is also his confidant, Riri Khasmita, in 2017, when he was still alive.

Riri Khasmita is said to have worked at Nirina Zubir’s mother’s house since 2009. Unexpectedly, the ART even abused the trust of Nirina Zubir’s family.

Until Nirina Zubir’s mother died in her sleep, the problems with the letters never ended. It turned out that Cut Indria Martini was deceived by the ART and her husband.

“Instead of being taken care of but it turns out that he secretly exchanged all the letters with his personal name, the name of Riri Khasmita from Bukittinggi, his son Nurhasni syah with her husband Edrianto,” he continued.

There are six land deeds transferred by Riri Khasmita. Of the total six letters, two of them have been sold by Riri Khasmita. Where, the two assets are in the form of vacant land and have now been built by the person who bought it.

“Six letters were exchanged with them, some were pledged to the bank and some were sold and we suspect the money was used for the frozen chicken business, which already has 5 branches,” continued Nirina Zubir.

In 2019, Nirina Zubir’s mother passed away. At the end of his life, Cut Indria had told his children.

“I have money, where is the money?” Nirina Zubir’s story imitated his mother’s words at that time.

Because of this incident, Nirina Zubir reported the case to the Polda Metro Jaya in June 2021.

This case is handled by the Directorate of General Criminal Investigation (Ditreskrimum) Polda Metro Jaya. The police report comes in with the number LP/B/2844/VI/SPKT PMJ as of June 3, 2021. The report comes in with the name of the reporter Fadhlan Karim or the artist’s brother.

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