The story of Devano Danendra being thrown by a bottle by Iis Dahlia after returning home in the morning

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Devano Danendra told about the behavior of his mother, Iis Dahlia, who was strict. He even had an unpleasant experience regarding Iis’s attitude.

Devano Danendra admitted that Iis Dahlia threw a bottle at him. It happened because it was his fault.

Devano Danendra said that at that time he came home early. Because at that time he was still in school.

“I was in high school in 1st grade because a bottle was thrown because I came home early. I came home at 3 (morning). He couldn’t sleep, he wasn’t calm if his children weren’t home yet,” said Devano Danendra, laughing when he was a guest star on Brownis at the Trans TV studio. , Jalan Captain Tendean, South Jakarta.

At that time, Devano Danendra admitted that he was often stubborn. Iis Dahlia also often loses patience.

Iis even often terrorizes Devano over the phone. The way to contact him is called Devano Danendra, which is different from other parents.

“At that time yes (like to go home early). Said (wanted to go home early), but Mama always when chatting I never asked how I was doing. But still, let’s go home, let’s go home, go home, go home, home,” said Devano.

From there, Devano Danendra admitted to changing the contact name of Iis Dahlia on his cellphone. His name became ‘Let’s Go Home’.

“That’s why I until now (on) WhatsApp, my name is (Mama Iis Dahlia) Let’s Go Home,” said Devano Danendra.

There is also the experience of Devano Danendra who was picked up directly by Iis Dahlia while playing and hanging out with his friends. Devano was at a live music event at that time.

“Yes, at that time. So at that time I had, maybe Mama was also so upset, so I took her along,” he admitted.

“I’m at one of the live music. (Mama suddenly) Already called, it’s downstairs. Yes, go home. Let’s go home, so let’s go home,” continued Devano Danendra, laughing.

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