The Moment Puan Maharani Attends the Wedding of Vidi Aldiano and Sheila Dara

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The chairman of the DPR RI, Puan Maharani, was seen at the wedding of Vidi Aldiano and Sheila Dara.

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Puan Maharani was seen sitting on the invitation chair. He wore a white brocade outfit that matched his mask.

Furthermore, Puan Maharani and the other guests received saweran from the bride which was put in a small bag.

When she received the saweran, Puan Maharani accepted it while sitting on the invitation chair. He occasionally seemed to smile at the invited guests present.

The saweran bag was called the presenter, which contained chocolate and candy. The saweran was given by the family of Vidi Aldiano and Sheila Dara Aisha to guests in a series of Sundanese traditional events after marriage.

The saweran should have been thrown and distributed by the family who was holding a party. However, during the pandemic, saweran is distributed directly to guests and has been put into small bags which usually contain coins, rice, turmeric, candy, and chocolate.

It is known, Sheila Dara and Vidi Aldiano officially became husband and wife this morning. Both have passed the moment of the contract.

Not only that, Vidi Aldiano and Sheila Data’s wedding dowry was USD 1,000 and 501 poudsterling.

At this wedding, Vidi Aldiano and Sheila Dara carried the Sundanese traditional theme. It can be seen from the clothes used by Vidi Aldiano along with the family clothes.

It looks like the family and other relatives are wearing kebaya for women and green suits for men.

Then for Vidi Aldiano’s nuclear family, his father and mother compactly wore brown clothes.

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