The End of the Marriage Story of Tyas Mirasih and Raiden Soedjono

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Tyas Mirasih and Raiden Soedjono’s marriage has officially ended. They were declared divorced by the South Jakarta Religious Court.

The divorce decision was ratified in a divorce trial with a conclusion from Raiden Soedjono’s party. In the trial, the divorce decision was formalized verstek because Tyas Mirasih was never present in principle.

“Yes, we are legal counsel, today we have submitted a written conclusion. It has been accepted by the panel of judges and then the panel of judges deliberated,” said Raiden Soedjono’s attorney, Bernard Pasaribu.

“Then today also handed down a decision. What is the content of the decision, granting the application for talak divorce,” continued Bernard.

In addition to setting the divorce verdict, gono-gini property matters were also discussed in the conference. The panel of judges also set the gono-gini property which was also filed by Raiden Soedjono in his lawsuit.

Bernard Pasaribu asserted that all of the results of the ruling on the property were handed over to Tyas Mirasih. Raiden Soedjono also agreed to this from the beginning when he submitted a divorce application to the South Jakarta Religious Court.

“(Gono-gini assets) have been, all in the decision. In accordance with the request and agreement,” explained Bernard Pasaribu.

“Accepted the agreement and handed it over to Tyas. Yes, everything was handed over to Tyas,” he continued.


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