The Awkwardness of Jessica Iskandar’s Ultrasound Photo That Became a Discussion

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Jessica Iskandar has just announced the good news. She is currently pregnant with Vincent Verhaag’s child.

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The news was conveyed through their Instagram accounts. Jessica Iskandar and Vincent Verhaag could no longer hide their joy.

“We are expecting a baby! Thank God! Congratulations to our little family! May it be smooth and easy for the blessings of this pregnancy @sensitive_id,” wrote Jessica Iskandar on her Instagram.

“Thank God My beautiful wife @inijedar is pregnant!! and @alexanderbarackel is getting a baby brother/sister!! Guess what baby boy or baby girl!?!” said Vincent Verhaag on his Instagram.

However, in the midst of the good news, there are oblique issues surrounding Jessica Iskandar’s pregnancy. There are irregularities that can be seen from the results of the examination of the contents uploaded on social media. From these results, it can be seen that the date written is 06/04/2021.

This has led many to accuse Jessica Iskandar of being pregnant before holding a wedding on October 22, 2021. However, until now, Jessica Iskandar has remained silent and has not responded to the accusations.

Jessica Iskandar only explained that the pregnancy was obtained with effort. Even when he wanted to know the results, he did the test several times.

“Pray for us, guys, hopefully the baby will be healthy and the pregnancy will go smoothly. 7-8 test packs in the previous days were negative! This one almost gave up,” he wrote.

“And I’ve kept the tools in the cupboard when I checked again with @v.andrianto, it’s even positive. God’s blessings are amazing,” continued Jessica Iskandar.

Jessica Iskandar and Vincent Verhaag are married on October 22, 2021 at the Ayyana Hotel, Central Jakarta. The wedding was held privately and only attended by close family and friends.

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