Rafathar diligently prays, Raffi Ahmad doesn’t want to lose

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Raffi Ahmad was later known to have changed his lifestyle. Some time ago, Raffi Ahmad once admitted that his prayers were still hollow.

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But because of this Raffi Ahmad was motivated to pray diligently. This is because his first child, Rafathar, is diligent in praying.

Seeing the child praying diligently, Raffi Ahmad admitted that he did not want to lose. Rafathar became an encouragement for him to be active in worship.

“Masha Allah … sent a photo with Mba @shela_lala96, Rafathar always wakes up at dawn for the dawn prayer, if he doesn’t wake up at dawn Rafathar is angry he says … Oops, his father is so enthusiastic, he doesn’t want to lose his worship with his son #masyaaallah,” wrote Raffi Ahmad on Instagram hers.

Rafathar’s prayer post also received many positive comments from fans. They are amazed by Rafathar.


“Rafathar,” said Syakir Daulay.

“Masha Allah,” said Melly Goeslaw.

“My handsome boy, come on,” said Wanda Hara.

“Masya Allah aa sholeh continue yaaa late boy,” said Sinyorita.

“MasyaAllah Aa,” said Iis Dahlia.

“Alhamdulillah, this pious handsome boy diligently prays. The prayer rug is really good,” commented Ridwan Kamil.

“Rafathar is a pious son, a good brother for his younger brother. Always healthy, Rafathar,” explained the andh **** account.

The bigger, Rafathar does look mature. He also knew that he was going to be a big brother. Nagita Slavina is currently pregnant with her second child.

It is known that the sex of Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina’s second child is male. This was revealed when Nagita Slavina was given a gender guessing party by her sister, Chacha Tengker.

Nagita Slavina and Raffi Ahmad have no problem with the gender of their second child. The most important thing is that the child and mother are in good health.

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