Rachel Vennya is usually quick to clarify, why is she still silent now?

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Rachel Vennya has been known as a person who is quick to provide clarification about oblique news about her. But, now Rachel Vennya continues to be silent when it is called to run away from quarantine.

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The attitude of the influencer with almost 7 million followers, invites questions. Many have questioned why Rachel Vennya has remained silent as allegations of escaping from quarantine have become more and more true.

Rachel Vennya continues to be urged to provide clarification as she often does when hit by slanted news.

Supervise your children to become athletes at the athlete’s home,” commented the reww** account.

Let’s clarify pretty,” wrote the cimm** account.

Let’s clarify,” continued the tria *** account.

Let’s clarify, Buna hihihi, when the social assistance fund was immediately clarified, quipped the jen *** account.

Usually just set a set, clarification, I say,” asked the htt account **.

Where are Buna’s besties? Usually there must be support for Buna with the Right to Happiness, “comment account vie ***.

Rachel Vennya’s reaction, which is now still silent, makes the comments about the accusation of escaping from quarantine really getting more and more crowded. Rachel Vennya is known more often to clarify her news coverage on social media.

Buna social assistance immediately clarified sm about his friends who were also clarified, why hasn’t there been any clarification regarding quarantine? Don’t be right? You are naughty,” said the account pram**.

I didn’t clarify? Wow, don’t be right. WELCOME TO ATHLETES WISMA AMBASSADOR,” said the alf*** account.

Some of Rachel Vennya’s problems that have recently been in the spotlight are the news that her lover Salim Nauderer had an argument with her ex-husband, Niko Al Hakim, accusations of using social assistance funds for personal purposes, and about forgetting to post an endorsement even though it was already paid for.

All these problems were clarified by Rachel Vennya quickly. His mother, Viens Tasman, who is currently in Bali with Rachel Vennya, also chose not to comment.

During the accusations of escaping from quarantine, Rachel Vennya also suddenly became passive on social media. His last seen upload was 3 days ago. Likewise, his Instagram Story only displays endorsed videos.

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