Land Mafia Chaos Vs Nirina Zubir

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Recently, the public was shocked by the case of Nirina Zubir who was deceived by a former ART (household assistant), Riri Khasmita, who was called a land mafia.

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Police revealed Riri Khasmita’s background in taking the assets of Nirina Zubir’s mother, Cut Indria Martini. Nothing more and nothing less is to seek profit.

This was revealed by the Director of Criminal Investigation at the Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Tubagus Ade Hidayat.

“The background is looking for money profits, it is certain. From the proceeds, the cash is cashed in two ways, namely by selling it and putting it as collateral,” said Kombes Tubagus Ade Hidayat during a press conference at the Directorate General of Criminal Investigation (Ditreskrimum) Polda Metro Jaya, Thursday (11/18/2020). 2021).

Riri Khasmita is said to be not working alone. She is assisted by her husband, Endrianto.

Then Riri Khasmita has an acquaintance with a notary named Faridah from PPAT Tangerang who launched his action as a land mafia. Riri Khasmita was asked to help take care of land certificates belonging to Cut Indria Martini, which the owner allegedly lost.

However, Faridah needs the help of another notary. This is because the six property assets belonging to Nirina Zubir’s mother are all located in the West Jakarta area.

As a result, Faridah invited Ina Rosaina and Erwin Riduan from PPAT West Jakarta. The five people have also been named as suspects in the case of forgery of letters and charged with Articles 263, 264, 266 of the Criminal Code with a maximum penalty of 7 years in prison.

At that moment, Nirina Zubir met Riri Khasmita for the first time after the case. Ahead of the press conference, Nirina Zubir received a cynical look from Riri Khasmita. Nirina Zubir, who realized that, was ignited by emotion even though he could still hold it in.

This was told by Nirina Zubir when he was given the opportunity to speak in front of the media crew. Out of breath, he spoke while holding back his emotions.

“I also have to manage my emotions because this is my first meeting after the person behind me is named a suspect and detained,” he said.

“Especially Brother Riri, whom my mother saved from her step family who did not accept her, she was taken to my mother’s house, given a decent job, this is the person,” continued Nirina Zubir, catching his breath.

Initially, Nirina Zubir admitted that it was difficult to meet again with Riri Khasmita. Because, not a single apology came out of the mouth of his mother’s former housekeeper to Nirina Zubir and family.

“It’s very hard for me to meet me and there’s no apology. It’s just that he still dares to look into my eyes like that,” said Nirina Zubir.

“I’m half hearted, half able to breathe with my family because it’s a little calmer that they are suspects and detained,” he concluded.

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