Kim Kardashian Makes Sex Videos to Divorce a Joke

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Kim Kardashian is often an easy target for jokes on comedians. Now it is Kanye West’s ex-wife who makes jokes about him.

Kim seemed to want to prove that there was nothing he couldn’t do. Now he appears on SNL (Saturday Night Live) and makes monologues about life full of drama.

He discussed again about his sex videos, plastic surgery performed by his entire family, to his separation from Kanye West.

On SNL, Kim Kardashian opened her appearance by wearing a pink dress. In the opening he said many were surprised by his decision to host the legendary comedy show.

“I was surprised to find myself here tonight. When they asked me, I was like, ‘You want me to be a host? Why? I haven’t even had a movie in quite a while!’,” he said.

“Yeah I mean maybe I had one that came out and no one ever told me the film was ever shown. And that’s probably what my mom imagined,” he said when he made a joke of the sex tape.

Then Kim made jokes about her sisters. He said he did not just have a sexy body that many women and men crave.

“I really can’t wait tonight to show you that I’m not only beautiful, I have great hair, I’m good at makeup, I have perfect breasts and buttocks. Honestly, I’m more than just a reference photo that my sister uses when she wants to do plastic surgery,” he joked.

Kim’s joke continued to Kanye West. He slightly touched on the rapper who had failed in his candidacy for President of the United States.

Kim praised her ex-husband as a man of genius and also the richest black man in the United States. But he explained the reason for choosing to divorce was because of Kanye’s personality.

“I know we are divided as a country but I love America to unite, that’s why I’m running for… I’m just kidding. I’m not running for president, we can’t have three failed politicians in the family,” he concluded.



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