Kaesang Already Has Supporters If He Becomes RI 1

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Kaesang Pangarep again stole the attention after he uploaded an image to Instagram. The picture shows the words ‘I am ready for RI 1’.

Kaesang’s upload took many people by surprise and also received a lot of reactions from the public. Although it was later discovered that the upload was probably his newest culinary business project.

However, Kaesang already has supporters in case he really wants to be RI 1. Many hinted at giving support to Kaesang, including the culinary business accounts that he built himself.

“I support mas,” wrote @sangpisang2017.

“I’m ready too, sir!!!” said @hebatofficial.

“Yuk mas, Yang Ayam kawal,” tulis @yangayam.


Kaesang’s upload about ‘Ready to be RI 1’ is indeed quite shocking. The upload is dominated by white with red accents because there are still Indonesian Independence Day nuances. Then just an hour after being uploaded, the post immediately got 30 likes from netizens.

Now Kaesang Pangarep’s personal Instagram account contains promotions for his culinary business. Including brand which is currently being developed. There are several photos of billboards and banners for promotions that adorn the Instagram page. No longer contains personal photos of Kaesang Pangarep.

Kaesang always has a way of getting people’s attention for the business he started. After previously Kaesang was in the spotlight after his relationship with Felicia Tissue had to run aground until the name of Nadya, who was now his partner, appeared.

Before the upload of ‘Ready to be RI 1’, Kaesang and Nadya Arifta were seen attending the recitation program. It was a birthday celebration for one of their friends.

The moment of togetherness of Kaesang and Nadya was recorded in the Instagram Stories of Nabila Javanica, a figure who was previously suspected of having a relationship with Kaesang Pangarep. Even though they met virtually, the togetherness of Kaesang and Nadya was enough to steal the attention.

Until now, Kaesang Pangarep has not talked much about his love story with Nadya Arifta. Kaesang Pangarep’s togetherness with Nadya Arifta was recorded several times in the event moments with their friends.



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