Jessica Iskandar’s love is anchored to Vincent Verhaag

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Jessica Iskandar finally ended her search for true love and officially married Vincent Verhaag. The two officially became husband and wife through a blessing ceremony on Friday (10/22/2021) at a hotel in the Central Jakarta area.

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The wedding blessing process was a moving moment for Vincent Verhaag. He burst into tears when he saw Jessica Iskandar enter the room with his father, Hardi Iskandar. In the wedding blessing ceremony, Jessica Iskandar looked beautiful in a white dress. While Vincent Verhaag looks dashing in a light blue suit, matching pants, and a white shirt.

Jessica Iskandar and Vincent Verhaag’s wedding was attended only by their immediate family to maintain security and comfort in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The guests who were present and the vendors on duty had all carried out medical tests according to the protocol.

The wedding blessing of Jessica Iskandar and Vincent Verhaag was performed by Pastor Andre Talabessy. The atmosphere of service is very much felt as seen in the live Instagram Bridestory broadcast.

“In the name of the Father, the son and the holy spirit in the name of Jesus Christ. Praise God, God is good because of God’s grace, the bride and groom exist because of God’s grace,” said Pastor Andre Talabessy.

Before making the sacred vows, Vincent Verhaag and Jessica Iskandar appreciated singing the spiritual song of God’s Mercy.

“Today I give the theme that only death separates. That is how they are what God has united. Man cannot be divorced. Man cannot be divorced,” said Pastor Andre Talabessy.

Before marrying Vincent Verhaag and Jessica Iskandar, Pastor Andre Talabessy advised the bride and groom to enjoy the wedding. Jessica Iskandar and Vincent Verhaag looked at each other alternately.

Both of them continued to be seen holding each other listening to marriage advice from the priest. “I believe this young household will be blessed by God,” said Pastor Andre Talabessy.

“Does anyone present object to this marriage?” asked the priest.

Jessica Iskandar and Vincent Verhaag took the pledge and swore. The bride and groom follow the vows and oaths read by the pastor.

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