Former Driver Nikita Mirzani Bela Dipo Latief, Ready to Reveal New Facts

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Dipo Latief again attacked Nikita Mirzani by re-opening a case of alleged car embezzlement. The case was actually stopped by the South Jakarta Metro Police in February 2019.

At that time, Dipo Latief reported Nikita Mirzani on charges of car embezzlement to the South Jakarta Metro Police in 2018. Feeling that he had new evidence, Dipo would re-open the case by filing a pretrial.

This time, Dipo Latief brought up a witness who was also close to Nikita Mirzani. Nikita Mirzani’s former personal driver, Wahyu, admitted that he was ready to be a witness for Dipo Latief.

“My relationship with NM is that I am the driver and NM is my boss. I came here on my own conscience without any coercion from any party. I am here to be a witness for the alleged embezzlement committed by my former boss. Here again I am there is no coercion from any party,” said Wahyu when met in the Blok M area, South Jakarta, some time ago.

Wahyu said that when Dipo Latief and Nikita Mirzani had a case, he was still the artist’s driver. At that time, he admitted that he had never received a summons regarding Dipo Latief’s report for the alleged embezzlement of a car.

“The summons was never given to me by my former boss,” he admitted.

“The reason is that I want to be a witness. Yes, I’m sorry that yesterday I couldn’t answer the police summons because I never received a summons. Maybe if I had a summons yesterday I would come,” continued Wahyu.

Wahyu worked for about two years with Nikita Mirzani. He is now no longer a driver for Nikita Mirzani because he is no longer comfortable.

“At that time I was still working there, now I don’t work there. The reason I left was that I didn’t feel at home, that’s why I chose to leave,” he said.

He is ready to be a witness for Dipo Latief. Wahyu was also accompanied by Alexander Kilikily Umboh who was also a lawyer for Adam Malik who reported Nikita Mirzani to the Demak Police.

“So to explain, brother Wahyu, he feels burdened and thinks that he was once called but couldn’t attend because he was hindered. And that has happened for a while, for several months he was burdened like that. “Suddenly he has the initiative, the courage to appear here to testify later,” explained Alexander Kilikily Umboh.

Wahyu is said to be a key witness in the case of Dipo Latief and Nikita Mirzani this time. Nikita Mirzani also reported Dipo Latief to the South Jakarta Police recently.

However, Nikita Mirzani also recently reported Dipo Latief on charges of child neglect.

“Because it’s always annoying, so finally Niki reported it to the police about child neglect,” said Nikita Mirzani when met at the South Jakarta Metro Police, Monday (16/8/2021) night.

“Since she was pregnant, she has been neglected. She doesn’t care about her and she doesn’t even ask questions. It’s not how much. But at least she cares about her children. Maybe she doesn’t have the money,” he explained.

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