Fenita Arie is now selling clothes

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Fenita Arie decided to no longer be an entertainment presenter. He does focus on other activities. One of the activities currently running is the clothing business.

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The husband, Arie Untung, also shows how his wife is currently overwhelmed when receiving clothes orders. Arie Untung is happy to see his wife is currently busy with business.

“Previously the presenter hits Insert, now he’s a clothes seller,” wrote Arie Untung on his Instagram.

Arie Untung admitted that he had absolutely no problem with what Fenita Arie was doing. He was also willing to accompany his wife when the number of orders for clothes.

“Did I choose the wrong wife, didn’t I? I used to start a family from being difficult to stay at my mother’s house, I had a career with “a lot of lights”. Now I want to be invited to go on a “lonely road” but I want to start from anywhere, just let him go,” he continued. again.


“Spirit, dear God, watch your struggle, all luck is the same, as long as you take it from a halal one. Love this person so much @fenitarie #masyaallahtabarakallah,” he explained again.

In that post, Fenita Arie laughed when her husband made a video of himself recapturing clothes from his loyal customers.

“It’s okay, dear, the important thing is halal,” said Arie Untung again.

The post immediately got a lot of comments from netizens. Many of them gave their best prayers and encouragement to Fenita Arie.

“Barakallahu fiikum @ariekuntung @fenitarie,” wrote Ayu Pratiwi.

“Ajiiiib bang, blessings are abundant, always happy until heaven #DSAS,” said Derry Sulaiman.

“Mashallah, fenita, may her business run smoothly with abundant blessings,” explained Jihan Fahira.

“MasyaAllah … may the blessings of mas ari and his family’s efforts,” commented keir **** ‘s account.

Fenita Arie and Arie Untung indeed became a husband and wife couple who decided to emigrate. Fenita Arie also decided to wear the hijab.

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