Excellent! Makmum 2 reaches 1 million viewers and wins MURI

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One of the Indonesian films currently showing in all cinemas in the country is Makmum 2. After several days of getting so many viewers, finally Makmum 2 managed to break through to 1 million viewers.

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Of course, this achievement is very encouraging for many parties. Both the crew and all seen in the production of this film. Titi Kamal is no exception, the main character in this film.

In her Instagram, Titi Kamal was so happy when she found out that the film she was starring in had reached 1 million viewers.

“Alhamdulillah 1 MILLION VIEWERS OF THE #MAKMUM2 FILM!!!!!! …. THANK YOU TO THE #MAKMUM2 FILM VICTORS for making us art workers more enthusiastic about working in the midst of the heaviness of the pandemic and cinema restrictions. Thank you for all the casts and crew as well as all the MAKMUM 2 team, as well as media partners who always support, thank God Makmum 2’s film officially reached 1 MILLION VIEWERS and is still full of emotion in the cinema,” wrote Titi Kamal on her Instagram.

Not only that, Makmum 2 also broke the MURI record with the title of the first Indonesian film to reach 1 million viewers during the Corona Pandemic.


“The film #MAKMUM2 won a MURI RECORD as the First Film to Reach 1 MILLION Viewers in a Pandemic Period as well as being the Best Selling Indonesian Film in 2021, which is an extraordinary achievement considering that it is still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions. Hopefully with this, there will be even more audiences #KembaliKeBioskop and the film industry starts. stretched. Thank you for giving us filmmakers more confidence to work,” said Titi Kamal again.

“This is the second MURI record after the first MAKMUM received the Best Selling Indonesian Film award in Malaysia 2019. Thank you for the extraordinary work of the crew and cast and the entire MAKMUM2 team. Congratulations Mr. @dheerajkalwani_dee @deecompany_official @bluewater_films @mdpictures_official,” he explained again.

On that occasion, Titi Kamal also explained that Makmum 2 received additional screens from the 15th day of broadcast.

“For your information. The first day Makmum 2 got 245 cinema screens in Indonesia, and on the 15th day it got an additional double screen to 562 screens, Makmum 2 is still showing in theaters!!! promote this good news.”

Titi Kamal also remembers how she struggled while filming this film. He remembers so many struggles that must be passed.

“We got the opportunity to shoot at Mount Papandayan and the shoot was much longer than the time. So each scene was more explored. The characters are complex and lively,” said Titi Kamal when met in the West Jakarta area.



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