Baim Wong’s explanation that the tail is considered rude is angry with grandparents

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Later Baim Wong became the subject of discussion, because the video showed him acting indifferent and looking irritated at an old man who offered to sell merchandise. Many blaspheme soap operas and YouTubers because they are considered rude.

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Paula Verhoeven’s husband then explained to detikcom that not everything he experienced was recorded on video. He also told the chronology of the incident so that he could look angry at the figure of his grandfather.

Baim Wong said the incident occurred when he was traveling with Kiano on a motorbike. “It happened at a red light. Sometimes I rarely have time and I happen to be there because I took a few days off for the birth of my son,” said Baim Wong.

While at a red light, a man in the video called his name loudly.

“I just got out of the hospital, from a distance there were men shouting my name and he was riding a motorbike. The men deliberately grabbed my motorbike and asked for money, ‘Baim, ask for money, ask for money.’ And he did it on a motorbike that was running, not stopping,” said Baim Wong.

According to Baim Wong, the treatment of the foreign man was considered impolite. In addition, for the cast of the film Gratis, the grandfather’s actions can also be dangerous.

“It looks very, very disrespectful the way he asked for it. That’s all, I actually wanted to get angry, because he asked for money in the middle of the street when the motorbike was running and I was with Kiano. If something happened, who would be blamed? out of bounds and dangerous,” he explained.

Baim Wong also tried to politely rebuke the unknown man. At that time, he admitted that he was not angry. He’s still trying to talk it over nicely.

However, apparently, the grandfather actually followed Baim Wong to his house while shouting for money. It also made Baim Wong feel uncomfortable.

“And it didn’t end there. Oh my goodness, he actually followed me all the way to the house and that was very, very disrespectful in my opinion,” he explained.

“We as normal humans, there must be irritation, and irritation. Sometimes we even like to go too far to get angry. But my lesson to those who are not polite, I do it in different ways. One of them is as you can see in the video. And I’m sure everyone has a different way,” said Baim Wong again.

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