Assertive! Vicky Prasetyo Never Threatened Angel Lelga

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Vicky Prasetyo’s trial regarding defamation of Angel Lelga is back on track. The agenda for today’s session should be the reading of a plea from Vicky’s side regarding the demands of the Public Prosecutor (JPU).

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However, the trial had to be postponed because Vicky Prasetyo’s attorney was exposed to COVID-19. The trial will be held again on August 5, 2021.

“Today, the agenda for the trial should have been a pledoi reading from our side. However, the trial was postponed due to the condition of our team that was not ready,” said Arif Hidayat as Vicky Prasetyo’s legal team when met at the South Jakarta District Court, Thursday (29/7/2021). ).

“As we know the pandemic is growing, in our office there are six people affected, including Bang Ramdhan (Vicky’s attorney) who was also affected. So to maximize our plea, the trial was postponed for one week, on August 5, 2021 the agenda for the plenary session,” continued Arif Hidayat .

On that occasion, Vicky also discussed Angel Lelga’s accusation that he and his family only acted during the moment of reading the demands a few weeks ago.

Angel Lelga called the cries that came out of Vicky Prasetyo’s family fake. They are called acting to gain sympathy from the public.

This was denied by Vicky Prasetyo, who wanted to focus on the case alone. He emphasized that it was impossible for his mother to cry for acting.

“I just focus on the trial, it’s a mother’s reflex to see her child being a defendant during acting crying, this is a reality of life, not playing a movie character,” said Vicky

“Yes, but I don’t mind what it is like, it’s her right to assume anything, I’m still doing this,” continued Vicky.

Not only that, Vicky Prasetyo also dismissed the issue of threatening Angel Lelga. He admitted that he had never done that. Vicky Prasetyo added that he had no longer communicated with Angel Lelga since 2019.

“Indeed, yesterday many people asked about this (threat) now I have to clarify, I have not communicated since 2019. For the sake of Allah, I as a Muslim have no communication or telephone calls, no meetings, and short messages,” said Vicky Prasetyo.

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