Aqeela Calista Shares The Story Behind Love No One Knows

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Aqeela Calista, who was previously known as a soap opera player, is now starting to try her luck in the music world. He released a single titled Love Nobody Knows which is a song composed by Pika Iskandar.

In terms of the story, Love Nobody Knows is a song that tells the story of a person who falls in love with his best friend. When she heard the song, Aqeela Calista was immediately convinced to sing it. Because, he heard a lot of similar stories as in the songs from his friends.

“This song really fits the current situation, which is only the friendzone, it’s true that it exists in the real world because the song fits the current situation. I haven’t felt it yet, but many of my friends feel it, whether it’s friendzone, whether they like it or not. I like my friends,” said Aqeela Calista in an interview with detikcom.

According to Aqeela Calista, the process of budgeting Cinta Nobody Knows was fairly smooth. He felt that the process he went through from the first time the song was heard until it was finished did not take too long.

“The process is actually not short, but quite short. From the meeting to the recording process, it’s not far, only two months or a month and a half. Recording, making video clips, after that a single will be released,” said Aqeela.

“The recording was also really short, because I was really helped by Pika Iskandar to sing this Love Nobody Knows,” he continued.

For Aqeela Calista, although she has often covered songs from a number of singers on her YouTube channel, going into the world of music is still something new for her.

Therefore, before actually undergoing the recording process, Aqeela Calista first trained her vocals.

Apparently, even though she had practiced before, Aqeela Calista felt nervous when she really had to record. Fortunately, he managed to control his nervous feelings and the recording process went smoothly.

“Vocal lessons were available but only for four days. Four days before I recorded, I practiced vocals first. After that I knew the basics, but when I recorded I was nervous because it was the first time,” said Aqeela.

“There must be nervousness, there is nervousness, but thank God everything went smoothly,” he continued.

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