Alvin Faiz answers accusations of extravagance using Az Zikra’s money

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Alvin Faiz finally answered the accusations that netizens recently made. The accusation is that Alvin Faiz is accused of extravagantly using money from the Az Zikra Islamic boarding school.

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Not only that, Alvin Faiz is also considered to have returned all the assets that were originally in the name of Az Zikra to be his. Alvin Faiz’s defense was posted on his Instagram.

In answering the accusation, Alvin Faiz is not alone. Alvin Faiz was accompanied by several administrators of the pesantren and also Alvin Faiz’s younger brother, Ameer.

“Assalamualaikum friends and all friends, on this occasion I and my sister, Ameer and also the ranks of the Az Zikra foundation would like to convey a few things about the many allegations that have been circulating for the past few days,” Alvin Faiz opened on his Instagram.


“I represent Az Zikra’s personal and extended family, I will answer the accusations that have been widely discussed for the past few days. The clarification is related to the slander circulating about the misuse of people’s funds. personal,” he explained.

“The second circulating slander is that I was accused of reversing the assets of the people or the assets of the foundation, I turned them into my personal assets and I used them for personal interests. exists,” he said.

“We as those in charge, the foundation and the Az Zikra Islamic Boarding School are ready to take responsibility for what we talked about and what we conveyed in our statement,” he said again.

“Maybe this is all I have to say, I personally apologize if there are many mistakes. We pray for each other, Alvin needs to learn a lot, needs a lot to improve to be better in the future. Pray for Alvin, pray also that the Az Zikra assembly and pesantren will continue to grow bigger in the future amen, amen, robbal alamin, we pray for each other, God willing, assalamualaikum,” closed Alvin Faiz.

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