5 Interesting Facts about the Light Copier, the Film with the Most Nominations at FFI 2021

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The Light Copying Film or Photocopier has become a hot topic for netizens on various social media ranging from Instagram to Twitter. This is because this film managed to become the film with the most nominations at the 2021 Indonesian Film Festival.

This mystery genre film tells the story of an outstanding student who received a scholarship named Sur who was attending her campus theater victory party. He suddenly fell unconscious and only realized that his drunk selfie had spread.

This caused him to lose the scholarship because it was considered to be defaming the faculty. Therefore, Sur asked Amin, a photocopy on campus to investigate what happened to him while at the party.

There are many interesting facts about the film Copy of Light, here are the seconds to summarize it for you!

1. Discuss the issue of violence and sexual harassment

Light Copy FilmLight Copy Film Photo: Doc. Instagram

The story in the film Penyalin Cahaya focuses on the struggle of the main character, Sur, to reveal the truth about what the victims of sexual harassment feel. Penyalin Cahaya was indeed created to voice cases of violence and sexual harassment that often occur in Indonesia.

According to the producer, Ajish Dibyo, films have become the most effective communication medium for expression in voicing humanitarian issues that have always been silent.

2. Dominated by talented young stars

Light Copy FilmLight Copy Film Photo: Doc. Instagram

The main characters in this film are decorated with talented young stars, from Shenina Cinnamon (Sur), Chicco Kurniawan (Amin), Lutesha (Farah), Jerome Kurnia (Tariq), Dea Panendra (Anggun), to Giulio Parengkuan (Rama).

Not to forget, this film is also supported by veteran Indonesian actors such as Lukman Sardi, Ruth Marini, Rukman Rosadi, to Landung Simatupang.

3. Wregas Bhanuteja’s first feature film

Light Copy FilmLight Copy Film Photo: Doc. Instagram

Wregas Bhanuteja is a talented director who has won several prestigious achievements, including the best short film award at the XXI Short Film Festival 2015, the best short film in the Semaine de la Critique at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, and the best short film at the Indonesian Film Festival for two years. time.

The Light Copier became his first feature-length film. He needed a year to work on the concept of this film since 2020 because he had to do research on victims of sexual harassment.

4. Show at the Busan International Film Festival


Wregas Bhanuteja and the production team’s long journey ended with a sweet ending because the film Pengalin Cahaya was successfully screened at the 26th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF). The film entered the main competition, namely in the ‘New Currents’ category.

The BIFF event took place on October 6-15, 2021 and featured a series of top Asian actors and actresses. On October 8, Penyalin Cahaya was released for the first time at Studio 1 Busan Cinema Center.

5. Get the most nominations at FFI 2021


Based on the nominations announced by the Indonesian Film Festival some time ago, Pengalin Cahaya managed to become the film with the most nominations, with 17 nominations. The nominations include Best Feature Film, Best Director, Best Male Actor, and Best Female Actor.

This film managed to outperform other popular films such as Ali & Ratu Queens (16 nominations), Yuni (14 nominations), to Cinta Bete (10 nominations).

Those are interesting facts from the film Copy Light. The film succeeded in making Indonesia proud in the international arena and became the candidate for the best Indonesian film this year.

Interested in watching Light Copier? Reportedly, the film is scheduled to be released at the end of 2021 in Indonesian cinemas.


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